From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor – January 31, 2021

Today we will be completing our study of Acts 1:1-11 where we find the Lord Jesus commanding His disciples on His final day on earth before going home.  There are three focuses that Jesus obviously wanted His followers to prioritize.     

Priority #1.  Their relationship to the Holy Spirit.

Priority #2.  Witnessing of Jesus to the world.

Priority #3.   The return of Christ.

 This morning’s message is entitled, “Witnessing and the Holy Spirit Coming Upon You”.  The text is Acts 1:8.

 This evening I plan on preaching from verses 9-11 of Acts chapter 1. The title is “Stop Gazing and Get to Work”.

 Next weekend, the Lord willing, we will have Dr. Greg Huffman with us and the following Lord’s day, we will begin with Acts 1:16 to discern the ministries of the Holy Spirit as taught in the book of Acts.