From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor – January 24, 2021

Welcome Our Special Guest!

Dr. Rick Flanders will be speaking in all services today.

Dr. Flanders is a Baptist Fundamentalist who believes the Bible to be the written Word of God.  He is keenly interested in the history of religion and religious revivals in America and often speaks optimistically about the possibilities of a new revival era in our day.  Dr. Flanders has written articles on a variety of subjects which have been published in both local and national periodicals, including the Detroit News, the Sword of the Lord, Frontline, Maranatha, Christian View of the News, Church Bus News, Pulpit Helps, Revival Magazine, and Preach the Word. He has also written a book on revival, Back to Normal, and a booklet on holiness in the church entitled “Blended Worship.” Both of these publications are experiencing national distribution.