From Our Pastor

From Our Pastor – January 17, 2021

The book of Acts is the second of two God inspired books written by a medical doctor whose name was Luke.  Both were written to a highly respected man whose name was Theophilus.  The first eleven verses  in Acts record the parting words of the Lord Jesus to His disciples; revealing His final commandments to those first century believers.  His final commandments became the foremost initiatives of that first church in Jerusalem and indeed, for every true New Testament assembly of believers united together under the leadership of pastors in a sacred commitment known in Scripture as the body and the bride of Christ. 

It is our desire to focus our attention specifically on the three priorities on the holy mind of our Saviour as He said goodbye to earth and then hello to heaven.

Our outline for this chapter is as follows:

1.       W___________  for the Holy Spirit to empower you.

2.       W___________  to the world around you.

3.       W___________ until the Master returns for you.